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Method Fitness Calgary is a private personal training studio located in the heart of Mission, Calgary, Alberta.

Method Fitness is committed to providing personalized individual one-on-one training, and ongoing support to fitness enthusiast of all levels from the elite athlete, post injury rehabilitation, and those brand new to working out. Method Fitness has a training philosophy designed to better optimize whatever sport or recreation our clients wish to excel at. Safety in our rehabilitation clients programming and communication with our team of practitioners at Coalition Performance Care is of utmost importance to our team, and the success our members rehabilitation programs. No two people are alike and we strongly believe every client has their own journey and deserves their own health and wellness map created by our team of dedicated personal trainers.

Method fitness strives to provide the best service and support for each client no matter what their fitness level is.


At Method, we believe in achieving health and wellness success through systematic progression, periodization and accountability! We believe success is found in the details of a fitness program, created bespoke for each client. We aim to provide the best in program development, coaching and testing protocols and we pride ourselves on client safety, care and customer service. At Method Fitness we strive to inspire positive change in everyone, while having a little fun once in a while!

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Method Fitness aims to provide the best in program development, coaching and testing protocols.

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Looking for group fitness?

The Method Group Fitness | Victoria Park | Calgary, Alberta

Our sister company The Method YYC, located in Victoria Park, offers 50-minute dynamic group classes.


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