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A body composition test is useful if you’re trying to lose weight, put on muscle mass or just improve your sporting performance.

Knowing your body composition can also help if you want to see the effects of different types of training, nutritional interventions or supplement use on body fat and muscle mass levels.

Athletes will use this information to help them understand performance and to determine their optimal body composition for competition. They can then adjust training and nutrition to ensure optimal body composition for their key events.

A body composition test is particularly useful for someone taking part in a weight-limited sport to ensure appropriate strategies for meeting body mass requirements.

Our experienced testers use the 7-site skin fold test and will help you to calculate your body fat percentage. The calculations are based on the *Jackson/Pollock 7-Site Calliper Method.

A skin fold test with a special skin-fold calliper is considered to be the more accurate way to estimate body fat percentage, as opposed to methods that use simple tape measurements.

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